Princess Academy was to be an animated short that would’ve featured all the female characters that debuted from the films that came after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all the way up to Tangled, including Pixar films.

It was to be a musical on par with the segments seen in the Fantasia films, with all the females interacting with each other, singing, dancing and just enjoying each other’s company. The music was to be composed by Alan Menken.

Why didn’t they do this?

It was to be Disney’s last 2D animated short before closing down its 2D department. However, due The Princess and the Frog not doing as well as Disney had hoped, the 2D department at Walt Disney Animation Studios was closed sooner then planned, resulting in Princess Academy not happening. 

Three years ago Olivier Ciappa and David Kawena, two talented artists created for Disney a short animation project called Princess Academy, a fun tribute to all Disney princesses. As Olivier Ciappa is saying “We wanted to create a very artistic, classy but also very funny hand drawn short. Eight times Academy Award winning composer, Alan Menken was very excited about the project and agreed to work on it the moment we would have green light from the studio.

After months working on it, with hundreds and hundreds of storyboards and concept art, the Disney Animation hand drawn studios closed its doors. So there was no point for us to even show that project. I believe this image shows very well the mixture of artistic, high standard and humor of the project. Hope you will like it”. 

Also worth noting is that this is only a selection of 10 images from hundreds, so just because a certain character isn’t up there does not indicate they would have been excluded. For example, Jasmine is not in these images, but Sally and Eilonwy are.